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The Fire Arrow

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The story of Arash Archer is the most famous narrative related to the Iranian Tirgan festival, a hero who sacrificed Himself to save Iran. We will not tell Arash’s story; instead, we have decided to accompany the arrow released from Arash’s bow through an environmental, and interactive performance. The performance will use lantern puppets, stilt-walking technic, percussion instruments and the audience’s participation. It would be a dramatic journey, a procession with engaged audiences who will follow the arrow and light the way. The performance will be a non-verbal act and will be accompanied by percussions. We intend to remind and emphasize Tirgan’s story arousing the audience’s empathy. At the end of the arrow’s path, participants will be engaged in moving an Iran map banner.

This show will be a collaborative project with Shadowland Theatre, a Toronto-based community-engagement company that has valuable experience in puppet building and performing arts.

Director: Afsaneh Zamani
Lantern Puppet Designer: Anne Barber
Puppet and props building: Shadowland
Musician: Fatima Bahadori, Mina Kia
Performer: Mina Zaghari, Cindy Dzib, Madeleine Gagnon, Nat Lister, Rose Mohammadi, Brenna Nanie, Aryana Rizvi.

Anne Barber – co-Artistic Director, Shadowland Theatre
Anne was brought up with the vernacular and rambunctious performance in the UK and US, which means she’s happiest creating theatre outside in streets and parks. Anne works with participants inurbane and rural communities to tell stories rooted in place. She is passionate about connecting theatres, wellness, and the environment in celebratory events where everyone is welcome. Anne founded a weekly youth theatre program, now in its 27 the year, and has taught thousands of people to stilt-walk!

Shadowland Theatre
Shadowland creates original theatre that entertains, engages, and inspires people to interact positively with each other and their environments. The company’s distinctive theatrical vocabulary includes puppetry, mask, stilt-dance, spectacle arts, and live music to animate streets, parks and public spaces.
Central to Shadowland’s work is the collaboration with urban and rural communities to celebrate local stories and histories.

Friday July 21, 2023

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